Dec 17, 2017
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    Kanpur हिंदी समाचार
    कानपुर का शख्स दे रहा दिग्गज कंपनियों को टक्कर, खड़ा किया अरबों का एम्पायर
    प्रदूषण का असर, कानपुर की झील से नदारद हैं साइबेरियन पक्षी
    VIDEO : कानपुर में मोबाइल टावर में लगी भीषण आग
    कानपुर में आसान नहीं है गंगा सफाई की राह
    सड़क पर उतरी कानपुर की आधी आबादी, 1 लाख पत्र भेज पीएम से सुरक्षा की गारंटी मांगी
    कानपुर में होटल चेन चलाने वाले इस कारोबारी के यहां पड़ा छापा
    स्कूलों में छेड़खानी के विरोध में कानपुर की छात्राओं ने निकाली रैली
    आइजीएसटी के नाम पर दूसरे राज्यों में यूपी के कारोबारियों के करोड़ों फंसे
    गोरखपुर और कानपुर देहात के डीएम सस्पेंड, इलाहाबाद हाईकोर्ट ने दिया आदेश
    जीवनशली में बदलाव से युवाओं को हार्ट अटैक
    बोले डिप्टी सीएम, कांग्रेस ने राहुल को अध्यक्ष बना वंशवाद का नया उदाहरण दिया
    हादसा रोकने के लिए बडे़ हादसे की तैयारी
    इलाहाबाद HC का आदेश, गोरखपुर- कानपुर देहात के डीएम सस्पेंड
    कानपुर में बुर्जुगों को दौड़ते देख लोगों ने दातों तले अंगुली दबाई
    विश्वविद्यालय में होगा कंप्यूटर का महामुकाबला
    गंगा उत्सव के लिए संवरने लगा घाट, बन रही सड़क
    संवेदनशील बूथों पर हो कड़ी सुरक्षा
    श्रमशक्ति का इंजन फेल, एक घंटे रूरा में खड़ी रही ट्रेन
    जागरूकता से अपराध पर लगेगा अंकुश
    फसल के लिए अमृत बना गोमूत्र
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    Daily Horoscope
    Your birth Moonsign is Aries, and the Moon is transiting through the Scorpio sign today. This is the eigth sign from your birth sign and during this transit it will pass through Visakha, Anuradha and Jyestha Nakshatras.

    Keep your morale high today, and don’t do anything that will disturb your mental peace. If your mother lives with you, pay special attention to your relationship with her and try to eliminate any tensions. This will promote the well-being of your family.

    This is not a good day for a new investment or to start a new project. You should also avoid making any fresh expenditure, or buying any expensive thing today. Avoid buying clothes and items made of silver.

    Do not embark on a journey today if possible. If you just have to begin a journey, then pay obeisance to Lord Shiva before starting it, and donate rice, sugar, milk, or white cloth.
    Your birth Moon sign is Taurus. The Moon is transiting through the seventh house from Taurus in the sign Scorpio where it becomes debilitated. When in sign Scorpio, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras of Saturn and Venus. Today your mind may be specially attracted towards worldly happenings. Under these circumstances you should try your best to have control over various longings arising in your mind.

    This is the time to enjoy and remain happy. You may derive pleasure from a romantic union with your better half. However, don't rush after sensual pleasures too much.

    This day will be favorable for travel. You may also opt to select a new business partner, reconsider partnership deals, or just enjoy the fruits of such collaboration.

    Golden color will prove lucky for you today. You should worship Lord Krishna today. Do a review of the trend and direction your life is heading in and make sure you are on the correct path.
    Your birth Moon sign is Gemini. Today the Moon is transiting through the twelfth house from Gemini. During this transit, Moon will pass through the Nakshatras of Saturn and Venus. Thus, the result of this transit will be both favorable and unfavorable.

    Avoid any type of arguments or disputes today. Lead a simple life and keep pending all important decisions. Do not give or take a loan today. Stay away from arms and ammunitions or anything sharp. Your enemies may be active today, so be alert. Take care of your belongings especially your house, as there is a possibility of theft. Try to build up your self-confidence. Try to overcome your fears.

    Worship of lord Krishna will give you peace. You may be struggling to overcome vices such as anger, wine, greed, physical attractions and worldliness. Some negative thoughts may bother you for sometime. Be careful especially in matters of finance today. Consult a doctor at the slightest doubt of a disease.

    Stay away from golden color. You will pass your time happily today, but at the same time you will feel a little inactive during the day.
    Your Moon sign is Cancer. Today the Moon is transiting through Scorpio. This transit yields mixed results. When in sign Scorpio the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. Moon is debilitated in this position.

    Under normal circumstances this day will favor you in developing your knowledge. It will prove good for you depending on the extent of your knowledge and intelligence. You will receive beneficial results in education, and examinations depending on your capabilities.

    You will spend this day cheerfully in the company of your family and children. You may enjoy the pleasure of delicious food. Your friends will behave very well towards you.

    Those who experience unfavorable trends today should not hope for very good results in the near future, especially when you do not make sincere efforts to achieve them.

    Avoid consuming junk food today. Give proper attention to the welfare of your children and plan their future according to their likes. Golden color is lucky for you today.
    Your Moon sign is Leo. Today the Moon is transiting through Scorpio. During this period it passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. This transit of Moon produces adverse effects.

    Do not give in to unnecessary fear today. Be strong in your conviction, and pass the day in a simple manner. It is a good day for taking important decisions or initiating new projects.

    This day is not conducive for incurring or handing out loans. Undertaking travels, especially through driving, is not advisable. Do not start anything major today if you can help it, as there is a chance of meeting hurdles.

    Try to keep away from disputes. You should take rest in case you are suffering from mental depression. The Moon is debilitated and the effects may be slightly more pronounced. Take care to see that no politics is in play today. Obtain blessings by keeping your mother happy. Remain secure in familiar surroundings.

    Donning golden color will prove unlucky for you, so stay away from it. Take care of your health and keep healthy food habits. In spite of the fact that you shall struggle to remain stable due to mental disturbance and depression, you can still overcome various hurdles if you concentrate and remain focused.
    Your Moon sign is Virgo. Today the Moon is transiting through Scorpio. During this transit it passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. You will receive positive results thanks to its effects. You will have a pleasing personality this day. People will be full of praise for your virtues and will accept your influence today.

    You will achieve success in the field of education and business. Your enemies will get suppressed. You will be free from any diseases. You will appear to be achieving success in your objectives. You will be courageous today. You will remain peaceful and satisfied. This is a good day to decide upon all types of important matters, this is also an appropriate time to start new projects. This day will also prove conducive for investing money and in matters related to giving or receiving loans or taking up travels.

    Golden color will be lucky for you today. Since the moon is placed in a debilitated position in your sign, the extent of favorable results seems to be reduced to some extent. There is a favorable atmosphere to strengthen your love affair, which will be successful.

    In case there is any problem in your ear, you may consult a doctor. Give importance to your brothers and sisters, and extend help to them. Worship Lord Krishna. Today, there is possibility of completing some pending works/projects.
    Your Moon sign is Libra. Today the Moon is in transit through Scorpio. During this transit the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. This transit of the Moon will produce favorable, unfavorable, and moderate results depending upon the strength of the Moon and other effects of the Nakshatras. Let us see its effects under normal circumstances.

    Give special attention to your food habits today. If you overeat, then you may suffer from stomach problems. You may receive a letter, message or some kind of a positive indication today. You will be more money minded today, and you may financially benefit from some quarter. You will achieve success in the field of education and knowledge.

    Continue maintaining a cordial relationship with your neighbors; likewise enjoy being with your family. This is a good opportunity to establish your interests in poetry and singing. Sprinkle your eyes with fresh water and keep them well protected.

    Do not get involved either in giving or receiving loans. Try to find out whether there is a risk of loss in deals of sale and purchase of materials; otherwise it will be better for you to refrain from such activities. You may undertake travel. You can take important decisions today, but it will be better if you initiate new projects some other day. Worship Lord Krishna today.
    Your Moon sign is Scorpio. Today the Moon is transiting through Scorpio again. During this transit the Moon will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. The effect of this transit is good. Golden color acts as a lucky color for you this day. The Moon remains in a debilitated position in this sign.

    Your mind is likely to remain emotional. You may utilize it in various fields such as writing, singing, dramatics, painting etc. You should do your self analysis this day to assess your own positive and negative qualities, and accordingly mend your ways. Explore your shortcomings and rectify them accordingly. Take both positive and negative qualities as natural, and don't feel guilty or indulge in self pity. Try to rectify your bad qualities.

    This day is most conducive for determining the aims and objectives of your life and assess its direction and destination. Take note of your health and if possible start exercising from today itself. You will have the pleasure of the company of likeminded friends this day. Your family life will appear to be happier. In case everything is going smoothly for you, you may go ahead with starting new projects, make financial investments, purchase of materials etc. To sum up, this day will pass smoothly.
    Your Moon sign is Sagittarius. Today the Moon is in transit through Scorpio. The effect of this transit does not yield favourable result. During this period, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. The golden color is not lucky for you today and you should keep away from it.

    You should protect your eyes, legs, heart and its surrounding areas from harm. Refrain from taking decisions or resort to deals connected with sale and purchase of materials. Avoid decision making on all important matters related to starting new projects, taking up travels, loan deals, financial investments etc.

    Keep control over your anxiety and try to overcome it or else it may drag you to a state of recklessness. People will go against you, openly or behind your back. You should try to identify your opponents today. You may experience weakness and irritation. If under a spell of depression, it will be advisable for you to rest a little.

    The Lord of Planets is in your favor today. As a result of this you may enjoy happy moments through your efforts and perseverance in spite of the adverse trends. Avoid over-sleeping, but never allow sleeplessness to creep in.
    Your Moon sign is Capricorn. Today the Moon is transiting through Scorpio. During this transit it passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. This transit of the Moon will yield conducive and beneficial results. Golden color will be favorable for you today.

    You will benefit financially today. There are also chances of receiving gifts from some quarters. Today you will receive public support. You will be appreciated for your personal qualities and personality. You may experience excitement and success in your love life too.

    Help your elder brothers and sisters, and seek their co-operation, their help will be valuable for you in the future. This day will be favorable for taking any decisions, starting new projects, deals related wit sale and purchase, financial investments, starting a journey etc.

    You may have income through some other sources than your profession, or there are chances of an increase in your income. Recognize your friends, especially those who act as enemies to your detractors. You will be entertained in their company. Your mind will remain cheerful this day.
    Your Moon sign is Aquarius. Today the Moon is transiting through Scorpio. During this transit, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Saturn and Venus. This transit of the Moon will produce favorable results.

    You will receive success in all the work you initiate today. This is the day for you to get involved in various social and worldly works. You may be rewarded for your efforts. People will praise your worldly experience and will appreciate your virtues. You may achieve success in the field of education and personal growth. Golden color will be lucky for you this day.

    If you feel it convenient, then you may go ahead with various works / business involving taking up of journey, arriving at decisions, initiating new projects, financial investments etc.

    Feed a brown cow with chapatti and bread, to improve your prospects today. Access your position in your business and office. You will experience a mixed feeling of sorrow and happiness this day depending upon your own fortune, present status, and your experience.

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