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    Kanpur हिंदी समाचार
    कानपुर: नाबालिग छात्रा को ब्लैकमेल दुष्कर्म करने का आरोपी स्कूल अकाउंटेंट गिरफ्तार
    UP सरकार बलरामपुर, लखनऊ, कानपुर और बटेश्वर में बनाएगी अटल स्मारक
    कानपुर में इस मंदिर के चबूतरे पर होती थी अटल जी की चकल्लस, यहीं पढ़ते और पढ़ाते भी थे
    कानपुर के पूर्व विधायक रघुनंदन भदौरिया विवादों में घिरे, जानिए वजह
    कानपुर रेलवे स्टेशन से लापता होते मासूम, मानव तस्करी की आशंका!
    कानपुर: अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी को पसंद थे मशहूर 'ठग्गू के लड्डू'
    झांसी- कानपुर डबल ट्रैक पर दौड़ने लगी ट्रेनें,,,,-City
    कानपुर: अटल जी और उनके पिता यहीं एक साथ पढ़े और इसी हॉस्टल में रहे
    कानपुर: बॉयफ्रेंड से झगड़े के बाद बीएड की छात्रा ने किया सुसाइड, रूममेट से बोली थी ...
    कानपुर: अंग्रेजों के जुल्म से तंग आकर ग्रामीणों ने इस कोठी में लगाई थी आग, यहां बैठकर ...
    कानपुर समेत तीन एयरपोर्ट्स के नाम बदलने की तैयारी, केंद्र को भेजा गया प्रस्ताव
    कानपुर: हाईटेंशन तार की चपेट में आए 4 बच्चों समेत 5 लोग झुलसे, स्कूल में झंडा फहराने की ...
    VIDEO: कानपुर में लोगों ने अटल जी को दी नम आंखों से विदाई
    कानपुर के डीएवी कॉलेज में सीखा था अटल जी ने राजनीति का ककहरा
    अटल जी को उनकी कविता के लिए कानपुर में मिला था 10 रुपए का पुरस्कार
    खाने के बड़े शौकीन थे अटल, कानपुर से जब रिश्‍तेदार मिलने जाते वे 'ठग्गू के लड्डू' लाने को ...
    जल्द शुरू होगा कानपुर-लखनऊ एक्सप्रेस-वे का कार्य : गडकरी
    कानपुर : दुष्कर्म पीडि़ता ने पांडु नदी में लगाई छलांग, दूसरे दिन मिला शव
    कानपुर में महिला ने अपने बच्चे को कूड़े के ढेर में फेंका, पुलिस ने पोस्टमार्टम के लिए ...
    कानपुर: मूक-बधिर बच्ची से स्कूल में रेप का आरोप, मां ने कहा-आया का प्रेमी करता था बेटी ...
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    Daily Horoscope
    Your birth Moon sign is Aries. Today Moon is placed in the seventh house from your Rashi (Moonsign). This transit period of the Moon is indicative of producing slightly fruitful results. The favorable direction of the Libra sign is west and you can commence travel in that direction if other factors are in favor too.

    This is the right time for you to establish romantic relationships and enhance or deepen a romantic relationship further. You may acquire some valuable experience through this relationship. Mars and Venus will induce pressure on your mind to establish romantic and physical relations today.

    Try to enjoy the taste of sour drinks. Black color shall prove to be lucky for you today. How is your relationship with your business associates? Do a thorough review of your business plans and strategies in before arriving at a final conclusion over any issue. Contemplate the goals you have set for yourself in your life. You are likely to receive some favourable indications on this front.

    Don't be overcome by your physical urges today. However, today is a nice day to spend time with your life partner and enjoy marital pleasures.

    Summing up all the aspects, this day will be luck and favorable for you. You can start a new venture without the slightest of doubt in your mind and may also conduct sales and purchase of some materials.
    Your birth Moon sign is Taurus. Today the Moon is at a debilitated position from the birth Moon sign. As depicted in various Astrological scriptures the debilitated position of the Moon only gives favorable results. The books declare that today you will win over your enemies, you shall be free from diseases and if you are suffering from any disease, you shall get rid of the same today.

    You will obtain the company of good people and your time will pass pleasantly and peacefully today. But from experience it is recommended that you should remain cautious. Take every care to see that there is no dispute or litigation with others nor such instances are allowed to go out of hand. Your success and failure today will depend upon your own dedication and hard work. The Moon in the sixth house lands you in troubles and disputes, so take care.

    You should not start any new project today nor get involved in money lending, but you can always give alms or extend financial assistance at any time. Lead your life in the simplest way. If possible try to reconcile with your enemies. You should remain vigilant while undertaking any new work so that you do not suffer a loss. Beware of thieves. Give proper attention to your domesticated animals.

    When in sign Libra, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. You are advised to worship Lord Shiv/Kaali. If possible make efforts to exercise control over your internal enemies viz. 'Kaam', 'Krodh', 'Mad', 'Lobh' and Moha'. Do not use black color today. Care should be taken by you to see that no dispute arises in the market and in godowns.
    Your birth Moon sign is Gemini. Today the moon is transiting through Libra, which is placed fifth position from your sign. During this period, the Moon transits through the Nakshatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. This transit of the Moon may yield both favorable and unfavorable results depending upon the circumstances. But in general, this is a day for growth.

    You will experience strength and power today. Examine your knowledge and intelligence to use it in the best possible manner. You will get good results if you use your intelligence in a positive direction. This day is beneficial for those who are in the field of teaching or those who want to enhance their knowledge of a subject. It is a good day to concentrate on studies. Your mind will be sharp and you will be able to grasp things easily. Spend quality time with your family, especially your children.

    Black colour will bring you luck. Worshiping lord Shiva will give you peace of mind. Utilize your intelligence for the betterment of your future. Take your profession seriously and take every possible step for improving your professional stature. Take care not to eat contaminated food or you may face stomach ailments. Do not take any important decisions today if you think you are unable to think straight.
    Your Moon sign is Cancer. Today the moon is transiting through the fourth house, or Libra. During this transit the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. This transit of the Moon is unfavorable.

    Avoid any type of dispute today. You might be on the losing side this day. There is a possibility of humiliation if you are careless. You may feel scared too. In case you are fighting an election and it is a polling day, then there is every possibility of your loosing the election.

    If you are suffering from depression, then it will be better for you to take a little rest away from worldly affairs. Refrain from consuming alcohol. Be careful while driving.

    Do not misunderstand your friends. If you are witnessing a favourable trend in your life then there will be no scope for apprehensions of any such kind and your life will continue smoothly, but in case of extremely unfavorable times, you might find today difficult.

    Black color will prove unlucky for you today, so avoid it. Worship Goddess Mahakali or Durga this day.
    Your Moon sign is Leo. Today the Moon is transiting through Libra. During this period it passes through the Nakshatras belonging to the Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. This transit is liable to yield good and favorable results.

    This will be a lucky day for you from every angle. You can afford yourself the liberty of arriving at any important decisions or initiating any new projects today without any hindrance whatsoever. This is the most favorable occasion for entering into sale and purchase deals. People will be full of praise for your virtues and will recognize your importance. In this way your fame will be widespread. You will achieve your objectives without any hindrance.

    You will prosper immensely today. Promotion in any form is possible. You should concentrate and further your personality, as people will closely scrutinize it. You will be possessed with a sense of courage. Love your younger brothers and sisters, and care for them.

    This is a good time for you to consult the doctor if you are experiencing ear problems. Black is your lucky colour for today. It is not advisable for you to enter into any dispute. Instead pass the day happily and peacefully in the company of your friends and relatives. Understand your own intuitive strengths, develop them further and make them effective for achieving your objectives today.
    Your Moon sign is Virgo. Today the Moon is transiting through Libra. During this period it passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. The effects of this transit may prove to be favorable or unfavorable, or a combination of both, depending on the situation.

    If you are running a generally favourable time, the trend will continue. Similarly, adverse effects are experienced due to the Moon passing through the second house. Also, mixed effects are experienced under combined circumstances. Let us analyze its effects under favorable conditions.

    You will pass your time pleasantly. You may be provided with delicious food and juicy drinks. Various members of your family will shower their love on you. Likewise, an air of ecstasy shall prevail over your family today. You will receive good news today, which will further your joy and happiness. You may also be a recipient of other favorable messages.

    You may be financially benefited from some quarters this day. You may prosper in matters related to education. You will be very attractive today. Your appearance will attract people. Your family may see a new avatar of you today. There is possibility of an addition to your family.

    Black is your lucky color today. You may go ahead with various important decisions, deals related to sale and purchase, starting new ventures etc. Avoid getting entangled in deals related to loans today. It will be favorable if you repay the loans incurred by you.

    Peaceful co-existence with your neighbors is predicted. Neither there will be scope for any dispute nor will you be apprehensive in nature. You are advised to worship Sun God to obtain his blessings.
    Your Moon sign is Libra. Moon is transiting through Libra again today. During this period the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. This transit generally yields favorable results.

    Visualize your internal feelings and carry out a self-analysis to access how good or badly you are doing. This way you can rectify your defects this day. Side by side you should evaluate your inherent qualities and try to develop them accordingly. You may utilize the sensitive state of mind in the field of artistic such as music, singing, writing and oratory etc. Do not allow irritations to occupy your mind and avoid disputes.

    The Nakshatras belonging to Rahu always creates a temperament of cheating others, but you will reap the consequences of betraying others if you do that. You will be possessed with negative thoughts about this world without recognizing that it is the result of your own doing.

    Black color will be lucky for you. Worship lord Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh with all your family members. You may come across like-minded people and may be entertained in their company. You will spend this day happily and pleasantly in the company of your entire family. You are free to carry our all the works connected with sale and purchase, travel, taking decisions, initiating new projects etc. You may turn this day to be profitable according to your own willpower and efforts.
    Your Moon sign is Scorpio. The Moon is transiting through Libra. During this period it will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. The result of this transit is usually not positive. Today you should neither start any work nor undertake travel, deals concerning sale and purchase, financial investments etc. Continue spending your life normally.

    You are likely to experience mental disturbances and restlessness. You will feel as if your mind is not working properly. You should refrain from arriving at decisions this day. Black seems to be unlucky for you today. Do not enter into any deals concerning purchase of material, as there is a risk of your incurring loss. There is every possibility of your incurring excessive expenses under compelling circumstances, but you should try to control it.

    You are advised to give special attention to protect certain parts of your body such as eyes and legs or else they may cause problems for you. You may encounter hurdles in various forms in your work. People are likely to denounce you and may create a negative atmosphere for you. You may be occupied with a feeling of sin and anxiety.

    See if somebody is trying to spy on you. Some people may try to mislead you, but you should use conscience and intelligence to avoid falling into their trap. Do not get involved in antisocial activities nor try to make others do the same.
    Your Moon sign is Sagittarius. Today the Moon is in transit through Libra. During this transit it will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. The effect of this transit is likely to yield favorable and fruitful results.

    Today people will extend their support to you. People may be full of praise for you, even more than you have anticipated. There is a likelihood of your gaining profits. You may receive gifts as well. You will meet your friends and enjoy your time with them. Some problem that has been troubling you may be resolved today. You will achieve success in the field of education and knowledge.

    You should pay special attention to your elder brothers and sisters, and extend all assistance to them. Keep a watch on financial matters today, and be careful in your dealings to avoid future losses.

    You should work with your supporters, especially those who happen to be enemies of your detractors. This day will be extremely favorable for undertaking sales of materials. Besides this, you may opt for undertaking various works connected with taking important decisions, initiating new projects, taking up travels, financial investments, deals related to loans etc. The Black colour is lucky for you today.
    Your Moon sign is Capricorn. Today the Moon is transiting through Libra. This transit of the Moon yields favorable results. During this transit, it passes through the Nakashatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. Black color will prove favorable for you today.

    Today you are allowed to carry out various works like taking decisions, dealing with loan transactions, taking up journey etc. Your reputation will increase, and people will appreciate your helping nature. You may be rewarded for some good deed this day. Seek your father's blessings today.

    You will achieve success in your aims and objectives in life and the hurdles faced by you will be reduced. Review your profession, business and your achievements, to see how far they have been either favorable or unfavorable, and take decisions accordingly.

    This is the day for experiencing worldly pleasures. You will spend this day happily with your whole family. In the field of education and study you will be able to improve your prospects.
    Your Moon sign is Aquarius. Today the Moon is transiting through Libra. During this transit, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. In general, this transit of the Moon yields favorable results.

    If you feel confident about the day, then you can undertake a journey, arrive at decisions, initiate new projects, make financial investments etc. You should remain religious-minded this day. You should devote yourself to religious works like worshiping Lord Shiva, reading holy books etc. At the same time, try to assist helpless people and see to their welfare.

    If you want happiness and peace in your life, then it will only be possible if you have done some good deeds in the past.

    You may generate a good profit today. Whatever religious works you wish to undertake should be done today, as the results of it will be highly beneficial. You will pass the time pleasantly and happily with all your family members. Respect your ancestors and elders, and receive their blessings. This day will also be favorable from the angle of teaching and reading books. If you cherish to get involved in giving knowledge to people, then this will go a long way in pronouncing your fate.

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