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    Kanpur हिंदी समाचार
    Uttar pradesh corona cases: अस्पतालों में कम पड़े बेड... देखें लखनऊ, कानपुर, प्रयागराज, वाराणसी समेत यूपी के जिलों का हाल - Navbharat Times
    Corona update Uttar pradesh : लखनऊ, प्रयागराज, वाराणसी, कानपुर समेत उत्तर प्रदेश में कोरोना वायरस का हाल - Navbharat Times
    Coronavirus In Kanpur: तेजी से बढ़ रहा कोरोना संक्रमण, एक दिन में सात की मौत 689 संक्रमित - दैनिक जागरण
    कानपुर में तेज धमाके के साथ फैक्ट्री में लगी आग - Univarta
    संक्षेप में पढ़िए- कानपुर में हुई गतिविधियों से जुड़ी खबरें - दैनिक जागरण
    अंधेरनगरी: करोड़ों की ठगी मामले में कानपुर के डीपीआरओ की जांच में सब 'बरी' ! - ROYAL BULLETIN
    UP में बेकाबू कोरोना की रफ्तार, आज भी 13 हजार पार मरीज, 58% मरीज इन 5 शहरों से - Navbharat Times
    यूपी में कोरोना का कहर : लखनऊ, वाराणसी और कानपुर के बाद अब इस शहर में लगा नाइट कर्फ्यू - Hindustan
    ताजा खबर, 25 मार्च 2021: बड़ी खबरें और मुख्य समाचार - Times Network Hindi
    Lucknow Corona News: लखनऊ में 20 से 25 अप्रैल तक पीक पर रहेगा कोरोना! IIT प्रफेसर ने रिसर्च में किया दावा - Navbharat Times
    आज की ताजा खबर, 14 अप्रैल 2021: बड़ी खबरें और मुख्य समाचार - Times Network Hindi
    ताजा खबर, 21 मार्च 2021: बड़ी खबरें और मुख्य समाचार - Times Network Hindi
    ताजा खबर, 28 मार्च 2021: बड़ी खबरें और मुख्य समाचार - Times Network Hindi
    Kanpur News: कानपुर में कमिश्नरी लागू होते ही बदमाशों ने पुलिस को दी चुनौती, युवक को दौड़ाकर मारी गोली - नवभारत टाइम्स
    Coronavirus In kanpur: कानपुर में बढ़ रहा करोना का कहर, महिला की मौत, 14 नए केस सामने आए - दैनिक जागरण
    Kanpur News: गांव में नाली-खड़ंजा बनवाने के लिए 81 साल की बुजुर्ग ने पंचायत चुनाव के मैदान में ठोकी ताल - नवभारत टाइम्स
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    Daily Horoscope
    In your birth horoscope Moon is in the Aries sign. The Moon is transiting through Aries again today. Its positive effect will fetch you minor luck. You may review your mental status today. Since the Moon controls the mind it makes the people of Aries Moonsign (Rashi) especially sentimental, you should not try anything contrary to your own nature and habits.

    You may feel your habits become irritating either due to the effects of Moon or due to the adverse effects of other planets, you are advised to exercise control over them. With an open and free mind you can achieve success today. In case you intend to start any business today or if there is a plan to complete any work, then your endeavor may be proceeding in the right direction of success.

    Today is a good day to contemplate which of your actions will bring you good luck, and which will prove harmful to you. Today is specially a day of self-analysis for you.

    Consumption of spicy food will be auspicious for you today. Aries represents Red color. The presence of this color will bring you happiness today.
    While your birth the Moon was occupying the Taurus sign. Today Moon is transiting through the twelfth house from your birth Moon sign, or Aries. The placement of the Moon at a higher place during your birth gives you mental strength, but the adverse transit of the Moon through the twelfth house from your birth sign will put your mind at low ebb and will make you feel weak-willed and unstable today.

    The Moon, during its transit from the twelfth house, will pass through the Nakshatras of 'Ketu' and Mercury. Under its effect the mind will remain disturbed and tense. You will feel vulnerable today, so it is better to avoid rousing emotions.

    Taureans by nature are forceful in nature, still you should avoid disputes today, failing which it may be harmful. Try to avoid the red color today. It will be appropriate for you to meditate if you can. Worship of lord Krishna, or Vasudeva will bring you good results.

    Avoid either sale or purchase of anything special and refrain from borrowing or lending money today. Try to repay long-standing dues if you can. You should also postpone fresh investments if possible. Avoid initiating new projects even if it gives you the impression that everything seems okay. Starting a new project during the Moons transit from the twelfth house may result in loss and strain in some form or other.

    You should have control on your expenses failing which your expenditure budget is likely to shoot up. Keep a control over your attitude and behavior, don't do anything unjust unto others.

    You may feel very sleepy today. Refrain from consuming alcoholic drinks or any type of drugs. Avoid standing on high places, as there is the risk of falling down. By taking adequate care and measures, you can spend the day without any loss, and look forward to better fortune in the future.
    Your birth Moon sign is Gemini and the Moon is presently placed in Aries. When in Aries, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon is likely to provide you with extremely favorable results. Your lucky color for today is red.

    You will achieve success in the field of education and knowledge. You may feel happy in the company of your children and will lead a simple family life today. You will get help from someone of the opposite sex. Carry out your responsibility as an elder brother towards your younger brothers and sisters; this may help you in increasing your fortune. Give proper attention to your business partners and associates and decide whether you want to keep good relations with them or not. You will enjoy material comforts today. Scrutinize different sources of income, and finalize whether these are profitable for you or not.

    There may be a possibility of increase in your income today. You may get a promotion or there may be some new charges. In other words this day seems to be favorable from all worldly aspects.

    Persons belonging to Aries sign are generally short tempered and adamant in nature whereas persons belonging to Gemini sign are generally calm in nature. Make sure that your worldly position does not make you vain.

    You should indulge in charity today. Avoid bad company and consumption of alcohol. You must worship Hanumanji. This is a good day for decision making and you can utilize it to contemplate over your future.
    Your birth Moon sign is Cancer. Today the Moon is transiting through the tenth house from Cancer, or Aries. The Moon will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon gives good results.

    You are likely to pass this day happily in the company of your family members. You may participate in various social activities today. You are advised to analyze your position in the field of your business or business related matters, as it will be beneficial. You will be respected in your work sphere and people will be obedient in carrying out your orders. This is the day for achieving social upliftment, but for this, it is highly essential for you to adopt a self sacrificing nature, failing which all your efforts may prove futile.

    You may evaluate your present status in society through your own experiences. You may submit written applications or appear in interviews for getting employment. Scrutinize your own performances to asses the extent of vices and virtues you have and find out whether people have accepted your vices gracefully or not.

    Red color will be lucky for you today. It will be your own folly if you are not provided with any work today and its remedy lies in your hand.

    Respect your father and take care of his needs, as it will be fruitful for you. Today you will feel pleasant and comfortable. If unfavorable trends are being experienced during such a transit of the Moon, then you may be a victim of the royal wrath. Worship lord Hanuman today.
    Your Moon sign is Leo. The Moon is in transit through Aries. When in sign Aries, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras of Ketu and Mercury. Its effects may prove to be of a mixed nature, whether good or bad depends on various circumstances. Under normal conditions you will experience favorable trends from this transit.

    Works undertaken concerning religious matters will bear fruitful results today. Initiative taken today will be rewarded with good results immediately or some time later. You may get a chance to review your past deeds. Accordingly you may rectify your present work. All works undertaken will be successful.

    Take well thought out decisions today, and they will be in your favour. You should take up religious works or journey today. This day will be extremely favorable for initiating spiritual courses like yoga and Meditation.

    Obtain blessings from your elderly. Distributing alms, assisting helpless people and undertaking works of public interest will be lucky for you. People will discuss your virtues and will have a good word to say about you.

    Red will be your lucky color today. You are advised to worship Lord Shiva / Sun / Hanuman. In case you are a teacher or an acharya, you should share your knowledge with your students and the common people as well.
    Your Moon sign is Virgo. The Moon is transiting through Aries right now. During this transit the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. You are advised to lead a simple life today and avoid finalizing new deals or arrive at important decisions.

    You may not be too successful in what you do today. Hence, refrain from getting entangled in any form of dispute-this seems to be the only way to get rid of humiliations. When going through a state of mental pain and agony, try to relax a little, but never resort to alcoholic drinks.

    Due to the transit of the Moon through Mercury, you may get some profits. Worshipping Lord Vasudev Krishna and going through the holy Gita may help you to solve your problems. Give proper attention to your food habits. Do not undertake travel to unknown places.

    You may feel aggressive today, but you should try to control your aggressiveness. Blood red color will be unlucky for you today. Avoid purchasing of materials if you can. Try to lead a peaceful family life. Keep away from undesirable elements and never indulge in anti-social activities.
    Your Moon sign is Libra. It means while your birth Moon was placed in Libra. Today the Moon is transiting through the seventh house or the Aries sign. During this period it passes through the Nakashatra belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of Moon will yield favorable results.

    Today your mind will seek worldly pleasure. You will be possessed with a strong desire to vie for obtaining worldly happiness. You will experience pleasure from physical bonding. Love and marriage will give you great happiness.

    Keep full stock of your business partners and associates. Review the course of your life and ascertain whether it moving in favorable or unfavorable direction. Today you can go for any financial investment, executing sale and purchase of materials and taking up travels. If you make a little effort, there will be opportunities to enjoy a excellent food and drinks.

    Red is your favorable color for you today. You should worship Lord Shiva and Hanuman. Avoid talking to strangers or go to any unknown place this day. There are chances of tasting sweets made of milk today. You will pass your life normally. In case you give emphasis towards your career this may prove to be more fruitful today.
    Your Moon sign is Scorpio. That means that the Moon was in transit through your Rashi during your birth. The Moon is in a debilitated position in this sign. The Moon is in transit through the sixth house from Aries. During this transit, it passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. You will obtain mixed results on this account.

    You should not take up any new project or make any material purchases this day. However, you may go for travel. Never allow any disputes to crop up. You may feel disturbed and irritated this day. Your mind may also remain unreasonably apprehensive.

    Avoid using red color in clothing and other belongings today. Do not be overtly romantic today. It will be better to consult a doctor in case you are suffering from a disease. You should take steps to protect yourself and your family this day.

    Find out your internal and outward enemies, and remain careful. Never allow your mind to stoop towards inconsequential matters. Do not get involved in matters relating to loans. If you are in a position to repay previous loans in your name, it will make you fully relaxed and happy.

    Visualize your own faults instead of finding faults with others. It will be beneficial for you and will enhance your fate too. Meet your relatives today and try to improve bilateral relations through mutual co-operation thereby developing happier relationships.
    Your Moon sign is Sagittarius. Today the Moon is transiting through Aries. During this transit, the Moon will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. The transits yield favorable, or mixed results as per the current trends in your life. If things are good, the transit will make them even better.

    This is the day that will help you shape your future, so spend it carefully. You may get irritated or remain disturbed today, but never get into any dispute as your achievements this day will go a long way. You may carry out devotional activities and practice healing therapies like yoga. Whatever you study carefully will be embedded into your memory firmly and quickly. Those who are in the field of study or are appearing for exams will be successful in their endeavors.

    Exercise extreme caution in food and drink this day, as you may suffer from stomach if you do not. There is a possibility of profits today. There is a chance of receiving gifts too. You should make proper utilization of this day to maximize its benefits. Avoid the company of undesirable associates and avoid bothering others.

    This is a suitable opportunity for taking or giving advice. The more far-sighted you are in your approach, the more you are likely to pass this day comfortably. Red is your lucky color today. If you are experiencing a favorable time, then you should go ahead with starting new projects, purchase of materials, financial investments, travel etc.
    Your Moon sign is Capricorn. Today the Moon is transiting through Aries. During this transit the Moon passes through the Nakashatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon does not yield favorable results. Red is unlucky for you today.

    You should not get involved in sale and purchase deals, arriving at important decisions, initiating new projects, financial investments, taking up journey and loan transactions etc. Be very careful while driving vehicles. You may feel anxiety, panic, religious instabilities and evil thoughts today. Pray to the gods for strength and believe in yourself.

    If you are determined, things will be in your control as the Nakshatra belonging to Mercury is in your favor. You may achieve success in areas relating to knowledge and education. You may utilize the changed status of your mind for writing poems and articles.

    Exercise caution in matters relating to water and be careful of domesticated animals. People may go against, you but you should try to overlook this. This day might not bring you much comfort. You should avoid getting irritated or getting stuck up in disputes. You are advised to keep your emotions under check. Pass the day simply and try to move ahead in the path of peace and prosperity.
    Your Moon sign is Aquarius. Today the Moon is transiting through Aries. During this transit the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon yields favorable results. Red color will be favorable for you this day.

    This is the day of victory for you. People will appreciate your personality and will be full of praise for your virtues. Today you will achieve fame. You will feel as if all the hurdles have been removed from your path. You can opt to start new projects, take important decisions, make financial investments, loan transactions, sale and purchase deals, etc.

    You will feel courageous and remain in high spirits today. You will have special interest towards life and also have enthusiasm to take up different assignments. This is the day for your growth and development. You should proceed forward to fulfill your high ambitions during this day. You will derive pleasure from matters relating to romance and from your marital life as well.

    You may receive promotion or may receive added responsibilities during the course of the day. Extend a helping hand towards your younger brothers, sisters and others. You will receive good news today. Your mind is likely to remain cheerful. You will have entertainment in the company of various people this day. Your involvement in various religious activities will help in strengthening various aspects of your nature.

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