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    Kanpur हिंदी समाचार
    खुलासा: कुंभ मेला बावरिया गिरोह के निशानेपर, 30 से अधिक अपराधी पहुंचे प्रयागराज - News18 इंडिया
    VIDEO: चलती कार में लगी आग, चालक ने कूदकर बचाई जान - News18 इंडिया
    पेट में चाकू मारकर युवक ने की आत्महत्या- Amarujala - अमर उजाला
    कानपुर: पुलिस थाने के पास दंबगों ने की युवक की जमकर पिटाई - News18 इंडिया
    The Kapil Sharma Show ने टीआरपी में Sunil Grover के Kanpur Wale Khuranas को पछाड़ा - नवभारत टाइम्स
    एचटी लाइन की चपेट में आकर मजूदर की मौत, एक झुलसा- Amarujala - अमर उजाला
    मोरना डिपो पर पहुंची 167 बसें, 33 और आएंगी - नवभारत टाइम्स
    कानपुर: जूलर परिवार में कलह, युवक ने लगाया 100 किलो सोना चोरी करने का आरोप - नवभारत टाइम्स
    बाल ठाकरे जयंती : जो मुख्यमंत्री बन सकते थे लेकिन कभी चुनाव नहीं लड़ा एक किंगमेकर की कहानी - Inext Live
    कानपुर में गंगा नदी में 6 बच्चे डूबे - नवभारत टाइम्स
    100 शहर 100 खबर: कानपुर में बाढ़ पीड़ितों और पुलिस के बीच झड़प - आज तक
    कानपुरः बाढ़ में बेघरों को राहत नहीं मिली तो किया हाइवे जाम, आगजनी और पथराव - नवभारत टाइम्स
    पहला वनडे/ भारत-न्यूजीलैंड के बीच मैच आज, नेपियर में 10 साल से नहीं जीती टीम इंडिया - Dainik Bhaskar
    कानपुर: पानी में फंसी पुलिस की गाड़ी, ऐसे निकली बाहर, देखें विडियो - नवभारत टाइम्स
    बड़ी खबर : कानपुर के अस्पताल का AC खराब, 4 मरीजों की मौत वीडियो - हिन्दी न्यूज़ वीडियो एनडीटीवी ख़बर - NDTV Khabar
    वायु प्रदूषण से प्रवासी पक्षियों ने कानपुर से मोड़ा मुंह - नवभारत टाइम्स
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    Daily Horoscope
    Your Moon sign is Aries. The Moon is in transit today and is moving through the fifth house from the Moonsign. Its will yield mixed results for you today.

    In case you are expecting results of an examination today the results will be as per your capability and luck. Your nature coincides with that of your Rashi(Sign) Leo. This will increase the level of self-prestige in you. If you are teaching or studying any subject, today is a good day to focus on it.

    Try to make maximum use of your mental capacities today. It will go a long way in helping to build your career. You may receive some good information concerning your children - maintain a loving attitude towards them.

    If you wish to give anyone any advise, or consultation then today is favorable for such assignments. Leo represents both Black and White colors. Usage of both the individual colors or their mixed colors is recommended.

    Today is the appropriate day for "Mantrasiddhi" (Chanting of Mantras to make them effective). You can start chanting "Mantras" today or you may achieve the final results today.

    Care should be taken to avoid pain in the stomach. Pungent tasting food should be avoided. You should not be slack where there is a fear/chance of losing something.
    Your birth Moon sign is Taurus. Today Moon is transiting through the fourth house from your Rashi. This position warrants extreme alertness and care on your part. You should not get involved in any disputes today. As far as possible try to pass the day peacefully. Circumstances may create such a situation today which may result in a spot of bother and worry for you.

    You should avoid driving vehicles or take every care while driving today. People will construct their opinion over your negative aspects today and not the positive ones. In other words public opinion may be against you to some extent.

    In case you are fighting an election and voting is scheduled for this day, there is possibility of achieving success only if you are extremely fortunate. This is not your lucky day, so keep a low profile and don't take risks. You may also incur a financial loss if you are not careful. There is a possibility of pain in the region of your heart.

    It is advisable for you to rest a little but don't consume any alcoholic drinks. You may be a victim of unnecessary suspicion and doubts in your own mind. Try to keep away from smoke or smoke colored objects today.
    Your birth Moon sign is Gemini. Today the moon is transiting through the third house in Leo from Gemini. This transit is considered lucky. While in this transit the moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to "Ketu" and Mercury.

    Today is a day of victory. You will gain in every aspect of your life this day. It is a good time to take important decisions. But don't let over-anxiousness or hurry come in the way.

    Evaluate your personality and try to improvise accordingly. You will improve your abilities and skills, and will get praised for your determination and willingness to improve yourself.

    Today people will be full of praises for your personality, strength and stature. You may enjoy a good time with your friends. Spend time with your siblings, as it is important for establishing close relationships.

    Smoke color is the color of the day. Worship Lord Shiva with and Sun for even more success. Consult a doctor if you suspect a problem with your ears.
    Your Moon sign is Cancer. Today the Moon is transiting through the second house from Cancer. During this period it passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon yields both favorable and unfavorable results depending upon the prevailing situation.

    You will enjoy happiness in your family life today. There is a possibility of a financial gain. Efforts made in this direction may yield fruitful results. It will be better if you avoid entering into any loan transactions today. You may receive some important massage during the day.

    Protect your eyes and face lest there may be a risk of injury to these parts. See that you do not enter into any dispute with your neighbors today, as there is a scope of spending some time with them during the day. Smoke color (combination of white and black) is your lucky color this day.

    This is an appropriate time to go ahead with matters connected with voice, be it art, music or oratory. You are advised to get involved in such arts and try to improve further. This is a favorable day for the art of writing. In case you are contemplating writing articles or poems, you may go ahead today. This day is favorable for selecting educational institutions for your studies.
    Your Moon sign is Leo. Today the Moon is transiting through Leo again. This is a favourable transit for you and will yield positive results.

    Your mind will remain sensitive today. If you so desire, you can start your life afresh from this day. You may analyze your mind, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and accordingly devote yourself to the path of growth. You may utilize the strength of your mind in the successful completion of a work of your choice because you are capable of completing any desirable work very skillfully today.

    You are advised to closely review all your surroundings and make improvements, if any. Protect your head from injuries. The smoke color will be lucky for you today.

    This day will be congenial for taking important decisions, starting new ventures and entering into sale or purchase deals. You may also consider new investments and in extending or incurring loans.

    In case you remain disturbed, you should know that decisions taken under such circumstances will be wrong. When your mind is stable and peaceful, there are no obstacles created by the Moon sign in taking any decision. You will pass the day with pleasure and happiness in the company of your spouse and children.
    Your Moon sign is Virgo. Today the Moon is transiting through the twelfth house, or the Leo sign. During this period it passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury, and proceeds further. The effects of this transit are unfavorable.

    You are strictly advised not go for any new ventures or enter into any deals involving loans. You should also avoid taking important decisions today. Don't enter into sale or purchase deals even by mistake, as it may result in a loss.

    Keep away from smoke colored objects today. The area of concern for you today will be your eye, stomach and legs, as there is a distinct possibility of injury to them this day. You may be a victim of excess expenditure. Try to control it; otherwise these expenses may land you in bankruptcy. Stick to timely food or else your health may go down.

    Today you may suffer from mental tie ups and may be subjected to pain and agony. You may try to overcome various hurdles by resorting to religious means. Continue worshiping Lord Krishna and Sun God today. You may be a victim of negative thoughts due to the weakening of your mind.

    Public opinion will go against you today. They may openly criticize you or may contemplate putting you in loss. Try to overcome this evil carefully. You are advised not to use your strength and muscle power under adverse circumstances. You may opt for a little rest if you are suffering from depression, but do not give in to it.
    Your Moon sign is Libra. Today the Moon is transiting through Leo. During this period, it passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon is beneficial.

    Today you can start new projects and can take important decisions. You may consider or go ahead with any financial investment this day. Taking up journey will be beneficial for you. Public opinion will be in your favor today. People will be full of praises for your deserving qualities. They will truly appreciate your virtues. You will be sensitive today, but never allow it to overpower you. Avoid coming in contact with unknown persons and places.

    You may receive a gift from some quarter today. A pending work of yours may be restarted this day. You will enjoy the bliss of family life. This day will be suitable for getting pleasure through romantic relationships. You will pass the day in simplicity.

    You may enjoy juicy fruits and delicious drinks this day. Respect your elder brothers and sisters, and give them assistance. This way you will receive their blessings and your fate will be pronounced.

    In case you have any ear trouble or some other trouble, then you should make it a point to consult a doctor today. You may receive some good news. Smoke or grayish color will be lucky for you today. Recognize your real supporters and help them accordingly. You will remain free of diseases today.
    Your Moon sign is Scorpio. This day the Moon is transiting through Leo. During this transit it passes through the Nakshatras of Ketu and Mercury. The result of this transit usually yields favorable results. This day will be good from the angle of entering into new work and business.

    You will remain happy in your family life throughout the day. Today, people will be full of praises for your virtues and will appreciate your positive aspects.

    You may be able to ascertain your work trends and business requirements this day. You may apply or appear for interviews in connection with getting a job this day. You may opt for purchase of material, but be careful in the dealing. Your mind is likely to remain sensitive today, but never allow it to become overtly sensitive. You may be favored with social honor and may receive gifts from some quarter. You may receive blessings of your father by extending care and providing comfort to him.

    Smoke color is lucky for you today. Hurdles will be removed from your path to a certain extent and you may be very close to achieving your aims. You are advised to make your own assessment of your past good or bad deeds. This is also a good day to ponder on human values.
    Your Moon sign is Sagittarius. Today the Moon is in transit through Leo. During this period it will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. Under normal circumstances its yields favorable results.

    This day will be favorable from the viewpoint of arriving at various decisions, starting new projects, sale and purchase of materials, taking up travels etc. Never allow yourself to get irritated and avoid disputes this day. This is a favorable day for you in which you will achieve success in your endeavors.

    You can undertake any religious work today. This day you will be rewarded according to your past deeds, making you gain some experience through the process. Smoke color is the lucky color for you today.

    Respect your ancestors and elderly, and obtain their blessings. Your financial contributions and unselfish assistance extended today will help you in enhancing your fortune. In case you are a teacher or a teaching position, you should extend your unflinching help towards those who are under you.

    There are possibilities of profits today. The more you remain pure and transparent in your approach and help others, the more profitable and lucky this day will prove for you. You may receive heavenly blessings this day.
    Your Moon sign is Capricorn. Today the Moon is transiting through Leo. During this period the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon yields unfavorable results. Smoke color will prove unlucky for you today.

    You should not take any important decisions today or start any new projects. Also avoid purchase of materials. Lead a simple life and avoid getting into trouble. Avoid meeting unknown people and going to unknown places. Pay attention to your food habits, lest you suffer from health problems.

    Today you may feel tense, humiliated and defeated. Grit down and be determined to face everything without giving up. Don't get involved in disputes.

    Some people will denounce you behind your back. Don't give attention to such people. There might be some problems that will disturb your daily routine.
    Your Moon sign is Aquarius. Today the Moon is in transit through Leo. During this transit, the Moon passes through the Nakashatra belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon yields favorable results.

    Today you may carry out worldly works such as sale and purchase deals, financial investments, journeys, decision making, loan transactions etc. The smoke color will be especially lucky for you this day. You will be attracted towards the opposite sex today. You may examine the direction and flow of your present life to access how fortunate you have been in your life.

    Examine your life partner and associates, analyze your behavior towards them and vice versa, and try to understand them better. This day will be spent happily and peacefully. If you happen to be a victim of excitement, irritation or disturbance, then try to suppress it. You may come across persons who may provide you with help in future.

    Your intellectual strength will lead you towards success. If you are suffering from any diseases relating to reproductive organs, then consulting a doctor will be very beneficial for you. Your faith in religion will open doors of success for you. Today you will feel that things are happening according to your plans.

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    Clean Kanpur
    Posted by Ankita_1989
    Kanpur Kanpur was a city that existed as an insignificant village founded by king Hindu Singh of Sachend... Read more >>
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