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    Kanpur हिंदी समाचार
    कानपुर में फर्जी वकीलों पर लगाम लगाएगा आधार
    कानपुर के असलहा फैक्ट्री में हो रही थी 'चुनाव' की तैयारी
    कानपुर: पुलिस मुठभेड़ में घायल हुआ 25 हजार का इनामी, एके-47 लूटने का आरोप
    कानपुर-मुंबई हवाई यात्रा का कम हुआ किराया, स्पाइस जेट ने छात्रों को दी टिकट में छूट
    कानपुर डीपीएस ने जीता अंतरविद्यालय फुटबॉल टूर्नामेंट
    यूपी पुलिस: छुट्टियों के सवाल पर कानपुर एसएसपी बोले- डॉक्टर से पूछकर नहीं पहनी थी किसी ...
    यूपी: 8 मौतों के जिम्मेदार महताब आलम को शिवपाल ने सौंपी कानपुर की कमान
    कानपुर सेंट्रल स्टेशन से मथुरा-बरेली तक दौड़ेंगी इलेक्ट्रिक ट्रेन
    बांद्रा-कानपुर ट्रेन में अतिरिक्त डिब्बा
    कानपुर-लखनऊ हाई-वे बनेगा 'ग्रीन हाई-वे', आइए जानें कैसे
    कानपुर: पति से मिलने की नहीं मिली इजाजत तो महिला ने जो किया निकल गयी सबकी चीख
    अवैध असलहा तस्करों का गढ़ बना औद्योगिक नगर कानपुर, 4 तस्कर गिरफ्तार
    कानपुर-लखनऊ रूट पर फिर से बढ़ी रेल यात्रियों की दुश्वारियां, ट्रेनों का निरस्तीकरण ...
    रेल यात्रियों को तोहफाः दिवाली, छठ पूजा पर स्पेशल ट्रेनों की झड़ी, कल से शुरू होगी ...
    यूपीः कानपुर में सामने आया शराब की ऑनलाइन बुकिंग और डिलीवरी का मामला, हैरत में ...
    कानपुर: दफ्तर में घुसकर असिस्टेंट कमिश्नर को पीटा, रिपोर्ट दर्ज
    कानपुर: डॉ. आरती लालचंदानी बनीं जीएसवीएम मेडिकल कॉलेज की प्राचार्य
    पुलिस जीप से सिपाही की एके 47 छीनकर भागा बदमाश, फिर जंगल में हुई मुठभेड़
    जैम व अचार बनाकर ग्रामीण महिलाएं बन रहीं उद्यमी
    माहूंनाग मंदिर से चोरी गहने कानपुर से बरामद, आरोपी फरार
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    Daily Horoscope
    Your birth Moon sign is Sagittarius. Today Moon is placed in the ninth house, or the Sagittarius sign. This is indicative of good fortune even in normal circumstances. But if you are having bad times, then continues then the results are negative for the very same aspects that would yield positive results otherwise. Mixed results are experienced in varied circumstances.

    This is a day that will bring good luck and fortune to you. You may go ahead with any new projects today. In case you are contemplating any religious rites, then start the same today. What is your heart's desire? If you cherish a happy and peaceful life with your spouse and children, you may experience such pleasure today. There is every possibility that you may be rewarded for some good work done earlier.

    People's opinion may be on your side and they may shower praises on you. Your help and financial assistance extended and any meaningful good work done today is likely to be rewarded adequately and you will feel its effects later on.

    Life tends to always look ahead, but you may have a glance at your past today. You will derive encouragement to reform your mind after reviewing the good deeds of your ancestors. This day is destined to be a day of self-analysis for you. You are likely to feel as if today is filled with eternal blessings. The sign Sagittarius is considered pure in nature, and its lord is Jupiter is very auspicious, so you can expect the very best.

    The favourable color for you today is Yellow - specially husk color. Religious and other related travels may fetch favorable results today. You should consume sweetened food. Feed jaggery and Roti to a yellow colored cow to improve your luck.
    Your birth Moon sign is Taurus. Today the Moon is transiting through the eighth house from Taurus, in the sign Sagittarious. This position is never considered a favorable one. You should remain extremely cautious today. Refrain from taking any decision and lead a simple life today. Do not start a journey to any unknown place as there is a risk of losing your way.

    Never be slack about your food habits lest you may loose your appetite. You should take care not to get involved in disputes with anybody today, failing which you may be subjected to humiliation. You should not give or receive loans and avoid making fresh investments anywhere.

    You may feel weakness and pain in your body. You might feel mentally vulnerable too. Your faith in religion may be tested today so keep your mind pure and protect yourself from evils.

    When in sign Sagittarius, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras of Ketu and Mercury. Maintain distance from evil natured and unreligious people who may subject you to loss and anxiety.

    Yellow color will be unlucky for you today. If you have an interest in going through the secret and deep aspects of destiny then you may carry the search forward today.

    You may worship goddess Durga to get rid of the prevailing adverse situation. Avoid consuming alcoholic drinks today.
    Your birth Moon sign is Gemini. Today the Moon is transiting through Sagittarius, which is the seventh sign from your Rashi. It will transit through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit will provide good results for you.

    You will get immense pleasure from your family today. If you are in a love relationship then this day is auspicious for strengthening the relationship. You may feel the vigour of youth, but the intensity will differ from person to person. Today you will determine the aim of your life. Think about your priorities and set a realistic target for yourself. Be careful of your business partners and associates. This is a good day to start a journey, as it will give you good results. You will feel that all your desires will be fulfilled soon.

    There may be chances of getting money from different sources. You will spend pleasurable moments with your spouse and children. You will also try to acquire more knowledge.

    Worshiping lord Shiva will be beneficial for you. Today's lucky color for you is yellow.
    Your Moon sign is Cancer. Today the Moon is transiting through the Sagittarius sign. During this period, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. The effects of this transit of the Moon is mixed depending on the trend of time experienced. But the Moon passing through the sixth house warrants extreme caution.

    You should avoid getting involved in purchase of valuable materials today. Your enemies may maintain good rapport with you, but you should not be overtly friendly with them nor keep any enmity with them. Avoid getting hurt today. Do not enter into any type of dispute or try to prolong an existing one. Refrain from having any deals concerning giving loans. On the other hand try to repay loans, if any.

    In case you are contemplating consulting a doctor in connection with any disease, it is better to get it done today. Keep away from yellow color. You should recognize your internal and outward enemies, and think of a way to get protection from them.

    Your mind may be preoccupied with evil thoughts and apprehensions. In order to get rid of it, worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.

    Continue to perform your duties normally and cheerfully as earlier without any of doubt in your mind. Do not start any new projects nor take up deals connected with sales and purchase this day. Do not take any decisions on doubtful issues.
    Your Moon sign is Leo. The Moon is in transit through Sagittarius right now. It produces mixed results depending on the present trends in your life. That is, if you are experiencing favourable times, they will be enhanced, however, if you are running a bad patch, it is likely to continue.

    Devote this day to your career, spend time thinking about it and planning your future course. Your past deeds will have a telling effect on your future. This is the right time to apply your intellect and skill to improve your work output. You will be rewarded as per your own merits.

    The transit of the Moon through the Nakshatra belonging to Mercury shall provide you with success. From the view point of loan and travel, this day seems favourable. If you have children, then make this a special day for them, and work for their future well-being.

    Yellow color will prove lucky for you today.
    Your moon sign is Virgo. The Moon is transiting through Sagittarius. During this period the Moon will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. During this transit you have to pay special attention to run your business and day-to-day affairs carefully.

    Neither arrive at any significant conclusions nor start any new projects this day. Also keep all important matters pending. Take extreme care while driving vehicles. Do not involve yourself in any disputes or you may face defeat and be humiliated. You will be pre-occupied with worries and tensions, and may suffer from depression. In spite of tensions you are advised not to adapt unfair means to get rid of them. You may feel some relief if you take rest.

    Do not use yellow color today, as it won't prove to be lucky for you. Make prior arrangements to avoid water scarcity. Give attention to your domesticated animals. Look after the welfare of your mother and receiver her blessings. You may utilize your emotions in writing articles and poems. You may rediscover the fullness of your inner peace through devotion and meditation instead of loitering around.

    In case you apply special concentration on religious activities, you may hope for some profits this day. You may worship Lord Shiva / Goddess Parvati today. Try to control uncalled apprehensions or else there you may create problems for your health. Remain alert when driving or undertaking travels.
    Your Moon sign is Libra. Today the Moon is transiting through Sagittarius. During this transit it passes through the Nakashatra belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon will give good results.

    Your mind will remain cheerful this day. You will have interests in various activities. You will remain ambitious and will contemplate on your development. People will be full of praise for your virtues and appreciate your personality. You will achieve success and pleasure in romantic endeavors.

    Hardships will be removed from your path and you will pass time pleasantly. Life will become easier for you today. You will be more self-confident and courageous. If you are not experiencing such feelings, then make efforts to regain your confidence. You will be successful if you do so.

    Extend love, affection and assistance to your younger brothers, sisters and relatives, as it will prove lucky for you. If there is any problem concerning your ear, you should consult a doctor. Today belongs to you, today is the day of your success.

    Today, yellow color will prove lucky for you. Those persons who will depend solely on their capacity to take decisions based on the strength on their sensitiveness and strong will power will achieve their objectives this day. But those who believe in wasting time only in merry making will not be provided with such favorable results.

    This day will be beneficial for you with regard to sale and purchase deals, financial investments, transaction involving loans, taking decisions, starting new projects and taking up journey etc. Do not allow your mind to get irritated and maintain a pleasing and polished personality. This day will be especially fruitful for you.
    Your Moon sign is Scorpio. The Moon is transiting through Sagittarius this day. During this transit it will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. The effect of this transit may yield threefold results depending on its situation. Let us consider its effects under normal circumstances.

    This day will be favorable for you in developing your vocals for singing, oratory etc. Side by side, you should also try to develop your writing skills. Your effort to grow in the field of education will yield suitable results. Regarding food, there will be both good and adverse effects depending upon your taste, choice of food and food habits. If you eat healthy food, even in excess, it will not harm you.

    You are likely to receive a letter or a message from some quarter. You will spend this day happily with your family and neighbors. You may opt for purchase of materials, taking decisions, starting new projects, taking up travels etc. But avoid getting involved in matters relating to loans. Care should also be taken while purchasing materials, as there is a risk of incurring losses. Wash your eyes with fresh water and avoid exerting pressure on them.

    Do not allow yourself to get irritated and never allow any disputes to crop up. From the angle of profits, it may be said that it is solely dependant on your own initiations and efforts. Yellow is an auspicious color for you today.
    Your Moon sign is Sagittarius. Today the Moon is once again transiting through your own birth sign. During this transit it will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit yields favourable results in normal conditions.

    Your mind is likely to remain sensitive. You may take advantage of the state of your mind and utilize the same to good effect in various fields relating to developing your future plans, writing skills, painting etc. You may introspect to find solutions to your problems.

    Yellow is your lucky color for today. This day will be favorable from different angles related to sale & purchase, arriving at decisions, initiating new projects, financial investments, extending or taking loans etc. Use today to gather knowledge and experience to better shape your future.

    This day will keep you sound and healthy depending upon your own physique. Avoid disputes and concentrate on good deeds because your good behavior will be well acclaimed and accepted by people and you will gain fame. You may benefit financially today. Remaining in company of like minded people will make you happy and relaxed.
    Your Moon sign is Capricorn. Today the Moon is transiting through Sagittarius. During this transit, the Moon passes through the Nakshatras belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon produces unfavorable results. Yellow color may not be lucky for you today.

    Do not opt for taking any decisions or enter into sale and purchase deals, starting new projects, financial investments, loan transactions, undertaking a journey etc. You should pass this day in a normal way. Pay special attention towards your eyes, legs and thighs.

    You may come across public fury, unpleasant situations and may receive bad news this day. The normal attitude of the people may go against you. Someone might try to spread some rumors against you. You may experience disturbances during sleep, which may be either due to over-sleeping or sleeplessness. Pay attention to your food intake, or else you may suffer from health problems. You might feel mentally depressed and disturbed today.

    However, the favorable effects of Mercury's Nakshatra will help you make good use of your mental status in areas relating to studies, teaching, painting, writing etc. Keep absolute control over your expenses, as otherwise such extravagant expenses may put you into a crisis.
    Your Moon sign is Aquarius. This day the Moon is transiting through Sagittarius. During this transit, it passes through the Nakshatras mainly belonging to Ketu and Mercury. This transit of the Moon will yield favorable results.

    Today you may get involved in all type of works concerning travels, important decisions, new projects, sale and purchase deals and financial investments. Yellow color will be lucky for you. Today you will receive public support. People will extend help to you. People will also praise your character and personality. You should not allow yourself to get irritated easily.

    Your faith towards religion will strengthen your life. You may receive some gifts today. You may be financially benefited. There is a good scope of taking up a journey. You will spend this day pleasantly. Extend help to your elder brothers and sisters and others.

    In case you are experiencing pain in your ear, it is advisable for you to consult a doctor. Recognize your friends, especially those who happen to be enemies of your detractors, and try to help them. You will remain cheerful and healthy today. Most probably you will hear some good news.

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